To join tech students music club, TeMu, you have to apply via Google form and pay the membership fee. The fee is 10 € and it is to be paid to the clubs bank account according to the information you will be sent after your membership application has been processed.

Joining form

Members have the right to use the training room after reserving it from club’s Google calendar. One reservation is for 2 hours and you may make one reservation a day per band and max 3 per week. Exceptions can be made if you require longer training sessions before a gig for example, in such cases contact the board. You will be granted access to the calendar after becoming a member.


It is possible to rent equipment from Temu for different events. If you are interested, contact us.


  • No speakers, just an addition
  • Price: 50€

“Speaker set”

  • 2x RCF active speakers
  • Mixer
  • Microphones
  • Price: 90€ (50€ self-installation)

“Speaker set with a subwoofer”

  • 2x RCF active speakers
  • Active 18” subwoofer
  • Mixer
  • Microphones
  • Price: 150€


  • dB Arena 15 speakers
  • 4x passive subwoofers
  • 2000W racks
  • Allen & Heath GLD-80 digital mixer
  • Price: 250€


  • Engl Thunder and Peavey Valveking heads
  • 2x Framus FR212 cabs
  • Hartke 350W head
  • Hartke 4x10” cabs
  • Drumkit
  • Price: 50€


  • Led pars, ledbars, quads, strobe…
  • Price 5€/lamp till 50€ flat


Temu’s board 2019

Nimi Tehtävä
Lassi Lehtisyrjä Chairman
Atte Putkonen Vice chairman
Riku Ahtiainen Treasurer
Atte Putkonen Secretary
Oskari Kalliomäki Equipment manager
Ilja Kotirinta Project manager
Tommi Paakkunainen Techmu manager


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